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How can we improve property rights in Ontario?

Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Panel on Private Property Rights

This Blue Ribbon Panel shall develop and implement a strategic plan to champion the value of property rights for the benefit of all people of Ontario so that property rights are honoured and respected by people, the judiciary, and all levels of government. We are passionate about responsible stewardship of property and its association with the ability of people to prosper and enjoy their personal rights and freedoms.

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Standing Up for Future Generations

Years of government inaction have eroded your property rights. The success of future generations is entirely dependent on strong protections of private property rights.

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Our Economy Depends On Property Rights

Our economy is built on the principle that your intellectual and property rights make up your wealth. Families use their property to buy things, pay for education and plan for retirement. Businesses depend on their property to take out loans, hire new employees and expand in Ontario.

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We Need Your Input And Want To Hear From You!

Jack MacLaren, MPP, and critic for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, will lead consultations to hear from you! Have your voice heard, and help draft meaningful recommendations that once implemented will change the tone on property rights in Ontario.

If property rights are lost, our entire way of life will be negatively impacted.